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Sime is created in collaboration with great partners on different levels. As a partner you play an important role, adding your insights, expertise and know-how to the event. In exchange you get access to a powerful platform to engage with your most important customers and prospects in a customised way that suits your needs in terms of meetings, branding and framing.We have plenty of formats (i.e. Co-host, Knowledge Partner, Expert Partner, Demo Partner) and senior expertise to amplify your message – and to ensure that it will be relevant to your customers. Let’s make friends!

Sime offers two yearly flagship events, the public Sime Stockholm event and the by invitation only Sime Leader Sessions. In addition we have taken Sime on tour to Miami, Barcelona, Vienna, Copenhagen, Helsinki and also done topic specific Sime events covering everything from religion to school kids. We love when partners challenge us to co-create




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Why partner with SIME?

Powerful Platform

Sime has been exploring the frontiers of tech, business and humanity together with the brightest minds on earth since 1996. Entering our ecosystem you get access to a powerful platform to engage with your customers in a highly customised way.

Relevant Framing

A forerunner and eye opener are words used about Sime. How would you like your company to be recognized? Thought leader, expert, challenger or friend? We have plenty of formats and senior expertise to amplify your message – and to ensure it’s relevant.

Vibrant Network

Sime gathers 2000+ leaders at Epicenter, our co-owned House of Innovation. You will meet a vibrant mix of executives, change makers and entrepreneurs. Like no other event Sime attracts a diverse crowd of decision makers and smart people with impact.

Important mission

We believe that knowledge about digital opportunities is key to future prosperity,  better business and an important force to make the future a fantastic place. We believe in human meetings to make it happen. As a partner you are vital part of that journey.

World Class Network

Sime Co-host

Reaching your full partner potential as a co-creator of Northern Europe’s leading event about digital opportunities. As a Sime Co-host you get full access to the Sime ecosystem aiming on high level impact, relevant positioning and long term relations with relevant target groups in a great framing.

Knowledge Partner

Position yourself as a 360° Knowledge Partner. Share insights and learnings. Go all in on a topic and contribute with valuable content to the audience in a Summit of choice. A win-win approach where you share your knowhow and get plenty of occasions to connect with potential customers.

Expert Partner

Got a deep skill? Share it – and position yourself as a true expert, sharing your deep knowledge with a small, but engaged group of people in a Expert Talk, where you go into the details in a topic. The Expert talk format is perfect for a workshop, master class or in-depth session with interactive elements.

Demo Partner

Do you have an interesting product? Show it – and be sure to initiate lively business discussions with potential customers. Great demos are an important part of the Sime “magic” experience. By bringing great stuff to the Demo zone you increase the customer experience and strengthen your brand .

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